Roy Spencer – Perma-Seal

Roy Spencer was born in Valparaiso, Indiana. After answering an ad, he was hired, given a shovel and told to “manage this.” He rose to the challenge. However, Roy was unhappy with the “patch now, service later” approach. He built his own company dedicated to providing affordable, permanent repairs to homeowners struggling with wet basements. Nearly 40 years later, the focus has not changed. Perma-Seal Basement Systems has grown the industry leader in basement waterproofing and foundation repair. Roy believes a capitalistic society is the only way we can bring about needed change to our society and economy. “Conscious Capitalism, operating with a higher purpose, is evidenced by Perma-Seal’s ongoing efforts to make the world a better place,” Roy said. He wants to give back, and has helped and inspired other organizations. He resides in Naperville, Illinois, with his wife and Chief Operating Officer Laura Ann Spencer.

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