Attorney Nishay Sanan

Handling complex, high profile, Trials, Federal Criminal matters in Courts throughout the country; IRS matters; SEC and FINRA Hearings.

Nishay K. Sanan, Esq., came to the legal field with a background in accounting and tax, which helps form his legal strategies in Illinois, New York and federal courts throughout the country. Nishay handles complex, high profile, criminal matter which often involve political, financial, health care, RICO, and other white collar offenses. He places great importance on working closely with clients to make sure that they understand their rights and how best to protect them. Together with his clients, he develops a strategy for a powerful defense.

Attorney Sanan has been practicing law for over 19 years. He has represented politicians, businesses, business owners, doctors, pharmacists, health care facilities, accountants, investors and securities traders, among many others. He has helped many clients successfully deal with criminal charges and protect their professional reputations. 

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