Attorney Ira Jay Cohen

Friday March 4, 2022 – Attorney Ira Jay Cohen concentrates his practice in all aspects of family law.

Since Ira Jay Cohen began his legal career in 1983, Mr. Cohen has concentrated his law practice in family law matters.

Mr. Cohen has represented hundreds of clients in all kinds of family law matters. He has represented men and women in paternity cases, divorce cases, custody cases, and post decree divorce actions. Almost all of Mr. Cohen’s clients are referred to him by past clients, attorneys, accountants, and psychologists.

Mr. Cohen started serving as a Court appointed Child’s Representative and Guardian ad Litem in contested child custody cases in Cook County, Illinois, in 1996. As a Court appointed Child’s Representative and Guardian ad Litem, Mr. Cohen has been able to try to help many children and parents involved in difficult child custody cases.

Shortly after Mr. Cohen started his law practice in 1983, he began accepting a limited number of contested trust, estate, probate, and guardianship cases because of his extensive experience in accounting. Mr. Cohen has represented numerous clients in a variety of complex contested trust, estate, probate, and guardianship cases. At any given time, these types of cases represent between about 20 and 40 percent of Mr. Cohen’s law practice.

Over the past 32 years, Mr. Cohen has acquired a deep and broad knowledge of Illinois law; judicious negotiation skills; and extensive courtroom and trial experience. Mr. Cohen has participated in numerous evidentiary hearings, and trials, including two jury trials.

Since about 1992, he has been on s a the approved list of Child’s Representatives in the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois.

Mr. Cohen has acted as a Guardian ad Litem and as a Child’s Representative in numerous contested custody cases in Cook County, Illinois. Over the years, Mr. Cohen has represented many men and women in all types of family law cases.

Attorney Steven A. Leahy and Ira Jay Cohen inform listeners about Family Law.

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