IRS: Is it Ready?

Monday April 2, 2022 – The IRS has an image problem. They also have a messaging problem. If only the IRS could let the citizens know how important they are to democracy, everything would be right as rain. After all, $14 Billion Dollars only goes so far.

As we reported last week, the IRS is on a mission to get more funding, and they need the public to help. Without public support their mission will fail. To that end, IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig appeared before the members of the House Oversight and Reform Committee last Thursday..

So, while the phones go unanswered, refunds go unpaid, and returns go unprocessed, the IRS is focusing on fixing public perception of the agency. Because that is where the real problem arises.

Attorney Steven A. Leahy focuses on the perception of the perception of the IRS on Today’s Tax Talk.

Steven A. Leahy is a tax attorney in Illinois. He was the host of the long-running popular Radio Show “The IRS Radio Hour” heard every Sunday evening on AM 560 The Answer. Attorney Leahy is also the author of the book “Deal With Your IRS Problems Today!” You can get a FREE copy of this important book at Or Call 24/7 (312)664-6649

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