Ban Crypto? REALLY?

Tuesday December 20, 2022 – Should our government make rules for issues and areas they don’t understand? The answer to that question isn’t really an issue. Because, if government should or shouldn’t doesn’t matter. Government does.

The latest example is cryptocurrency and blockchain. Government has come late to the game – don’t really understand the issues but want to hurry through regulations to control it. With the recent collapse if FTX, Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) suggested banning the cryptocurrency market and then acknowledging banning crypto will not work.

Attorney Steven A. Leahy looks at the latest moves to regulate crypto on Today’s Tax Talk.

Steven A. Leahy is a tax attorney in Illinois. He was the host of the long-running popular Radio Show “The IRS Radio Hour” heard every Sunday evening on AM 560 The Answer. Attorney Leahy is also the author of the book “Deal With Your IRS Problems Today!” You can get a FREE copy of this important book at Or Call 24/7 (312)664-6649

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