Attorney Karen Conti

Friday June 30, 2023 – For more than 35 years, Karen Conti has been a dynamic and influential attorney in the local and national legal community. Karen has intensive and diverse trial experience from the Circuit Court of Cook County to the U.S. Supreme Court. At the same time, Karen has exceptional negotiation skills which allow her to quickly and creatively settle matters with the least possible expenditure of time and money. She is formally trained and certified as a mediator and in collaborative law. Karen’s handling of numerous high-profile cases has created her reputation for fierce advocacy among judges and other lawyers.

Karen now concentrates much of her practice in family law, where she has gained prominence among her peers and the bench. She was appointed by Illinois House Speaker to assist in redrafting the new family laws that took effect in Illinois in 2016. She was solely responsible for the statute regarding grounds for divorce, which modernizes and streamlines the dissolution of a marriage. Karen was a keynote speaker at the Family Rights Rally at the Lincoln Monument in Washington, D.C. on the issue of child custody and parental alienation. As a former partner with the prestigious family law firm of Beermann LLP, she handled cases from the highest net worth clients to simple matters of dissolution of marriage. She has represented sports celebrities, politicians, police officers, teachers, artists and stay-at-home mothers.

Karen further distinguishes herself from other lawyers because she is in constant contact with her clients. She and the client discuss goals and devise a game plan. This gives the case direction and allows Karen to prepare aggressively for hearings and arguments, achieving the very best results.

Join Attorney Steven A. Leahy in welcoming Attorney Karen Conti to the program.

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