Jackin Hayden – Delta Insurance Advisors

Jackie Hayden, is the proud of owner of Delta Insurance Advisors. Delta is a multi lined insurance agency out of Elmhurst, IL. representing Travelers Insurance Company, among others. 

As for her personal side, she has been married to Ronald R. Hayden, Jr. for over 27 years. They don’t have any children, but are blessed with a very fine family and are very much apart of the participation of watching their nieces and nephews grow into fine ladies and gentlemen.

She loves Hockey, it’s that simple. It’s very much apart of her life. In fact, she and her husband, Ron, use to run a hockey school in Park Ridge IL, as well as participating in various hockey clubs as coaches, including AAA Teams. She is proud to be a pioneer of one of the oldest Hockey Clubs in Illinois too; The Huskie’s Hockey Club, now located in Romeoville, IL. 

As for other interests, Jackie sits on the Board of Directors for The Elmhurst Chamber of Commerce, participates in religious education at Corpus Christi Parish and is an Elected Trustee of Wayne Township.

Jackie also enjoys cooking! A lot! Jackie contends “there isn’t a dish that I can’t re-create after tasting it for the first time.” Did we say Jackie loves cooking!

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