Janelle Iaccino – Rose Pest Solutions

Janelle Iaccino, of Rose Pest Solutions, was our guest on the Trust Radio Network. She shared her vast knowledge of all things pest AND how to devise a plan to resolve your pest problem. It’s not as simple as spreading poison around.

Rose has earned their reputation for how to treat pests, and also for how well they treat our customers. While their services and methods have continued to evolve since 1860, their values have not:

  • To embody the ideals of an industry leader by providing careful, conscientious, professional pest control solutions
  • To conduct business in a manner consistent with the highest standards of integrity and ethics
  • To make customer satisfaction their top priority


Dold Family

In 1860, Solomon Rose founded the Rose Rat Exterminator Company in Cincinnati, Ohio. He supplied an early form of a pest control product to the Union Army during the Civil War. As business flourished, Rose opened an office in Chicago. The Dold (yes, that Dold) family goal at Rose Pest Solutions remains the same today as it was for Solomon Rose over 150 years ago: to maintain the highest standards of integrity while providing every customer with peace of mind.

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