Former Taxpayer Advocate “The Trouble With The IRS”

Nina Olson, former IRS National Taxpayer Advocate from 2001 to 2019, describes the current problems at the IRS as the worst she’s ever seen. This is the second year in a row that the IRS entered the year with a backlog of millions of not yet processed returns and pieces of correspondence.

Internal Revenue Service Commissioner Charles Rettig appeared before The House Ways and Means Oversight Subcommittee today regarding how the IRS will spend the additional $675 Million approved by Congress recently.

The Commissioner said “Taxpayer service remains the most significant IRS priority, and we have implemented many new, innovative strategies in an effort to improve our overall level of service and processing of our unprecedented current and projected inventories,”

Of course the Commissioner believes “the $80 billion proposal under consideration by you and your colleagues would help us deliver meaningful services to taxpayers, conduct critical enforcement initiatives and support long-term modernization efforts to improve both service and compliance for the nation,”

Attorney Steven A. Leahy addresses the IRS promise to increase customer support with increased staff – and solve the backlog problem by the end of the year. Is all of that doable?

Steven A. Leahy is a tax attorney in Illinois. He was the host of the long-running popular Radio Show “The IRS Radio Hour” heard every Sunday evening on AM 560 The Answer. Attorney Leahy is also the author of the book “Deal With Your IRS Problems Today!” You can get a FREE copy of this important book at Or Call 24/7 (312)664-6649

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