Attorney Dana Zivkovich

Friday May 20, 2022 – Attorney Steven A. Leahy interviews Attorney Dana Zivkovich. Attorney Zivkovich focuses her practice on Probate, Elder Care, and Estate Planning.

“During my coursework in law school, I realized I was keenly interested in helping families manage and protect their assets. I was strongly attracted to working with people closely and I felt I was able to translate legal jargon and procedure into understandable terms. I started enrolling in as many probate, real estate, estate planning, and tax courses as possible.”

Elder law practice helps seniors organize their affairs, protects them from exploitation, and advocates on their behalf.

Attorney Zivkovich has contributed articles to Generations Magazine and Res Gestae. She is regularly invited to speak as a panelist to discuss law practice management or to present on substantive topics. She has been featured in Chicago Lawyer Magazine, American Bar Association Journal, and as special guest on Jerry Davich’s radio show Casual Fridays with Jerry Davich. In 2007, she founded a social networking group for lawyers to gather and share challenges and solutions. This group continues to meet on a monthly basis at alternating locations in Chicago. In 2015, she began working with a local television producer to develop a show discussing legal topics of interest to public access television which aired for 2 years.

Join Attorney Steven A. Leahy while we learn more about Attorney Dana Zivkovich.

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